YOU CAN HELP PASTORS AND LAY BELIEVERS OVERSEAS TO RECOGNIZE AND EVANGELIZE THE CULTS. The Centers for Apologetics Research (CFAR) is meeting this challenge across the developing world, where many cultic movements are growing fastest and the church is most vulnerable. Your strategic prayers and support can equip missionaries and nationals on the front lines - and bring cultists to Christ.

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Christianity Cults and Religions

Faith of Unity (Association for the Healing Place of God of All Armies)

The god-man "Owobusobozi" Bisaka who founded the "Faith of Unity" died in Nairobi last month of an undisclosed illness. What’s next next for this controversial Ugandan cult?

ANGOLA | República de Angola

This oil-rich former Portuguese colony is now home to a variety of pseudo-Christian and occult groups from as far away as Asia and South America.