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The Struggle for Sola Scriptura: Staying Faithful in Bible-Weary Times
Paul Carden: Executive director, CFAR USA Link (37:48)

From Athens to Ephesus: Apologetics in Missions
Paul Carden: Executive director, CFAR USA Part 1 (Acts 17) (47:44)
Paul Carden: Executive director, CFAR USA Part 2 (Acts 20) (46:56)

Messages from Oct. 23, 2010 Equipping the Russian Resistance with Josh McDowell
Paul Carden: Executive director, CFAR USA Introduction: Responding to the Russian Challenge (7:06)
Dima Rozet: Senior Researcher, CFAR Russia Russia's Spiritual Supermarket (11:04)
Pasha Stolyarov: Director, CFAR Russia Equipping the Russian Resistance (7:06)

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Messages from 2008 Awakening Africa: Guarding the Gospel Event
Paul Carden: Why CFAR, Why Africa, Why Now (9:27)
John Divito: From Mormon to Missionary (3:55)
Greg Koukl: Guard the "Good Deposit" (28:38)
Hajni Pataki (Interview): From the Watchtower to Christ (18:54)

Messages by Paul Carden, Executive Director, CFAR USA
Calvary Chapel Kampala, Uganda: Test All ThingsĀ (Thess. 5:21-22) (38:38)
Former Adventist Fellowship Conference 2009: "The Apostolic Imperative and the International Adventist Challenge" (42:05)
Four Dangers of Jehovah's Witnesses (59:25)
Witnessing to Mormons (42:04)
Defending the Faith (37:17)
Understanding the Cults (51:03)
Understanding Mormonism (55:25)

Messages by Richard Abanes
Boston Movement/International Churches of Christ (46:38)
Oneness Pentecostals

Message by Ed Gruss
Channeling and the Occult Explosion (40:17)

Message by George Mather
The Christian and the Masonic Lodge (40:44)

Messages by Ron Rhodes
The Culting of America/Challenge of Discernment (42:21)
Answering and Evangelizing Jehovah's Witnesses (44:58)
The New Age Alien Obsession (49:18)
Ten Keys to Witnessing to the Cults (CFAR Celebration 2007) (45:28)

Q&A Panel
Question and Answer Session (32:04)
Dilemmas of Discernment (1:10:31)