Christianity, Cults & Religions
6-Session DVD-Based Curriculum
for Personal or Group Study!

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The Challenge of the Cults in East Africa
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Watch Video (08:08)

The Challenge of the Cults on World Mission Fields (Paul Carden)
Watch this powerful message and you’ll understand the uniqueness and urgency of CFAR’s mission.
Part 1 (37:27)
Part 2 (37:27)
Part 3 (12:56)

The Apostolic Imperative and the International Adventist Challenge
(Former Adventist Fellowship Conference) (Paul Carden)
Watch Video (43:50)

Greetings from CFAR Directors around the world.
Watch Video (07:44)

The Vision of CFAR Hungary
(András Szalai, director of CFAR Hungary)
Watch Video (03:27)

Writing About Wrong Religions Course
(Robert M. Bowman, Jr.)
A one-of-a-kind video course in practical cult research, by one of the foremost apologists of our day.
Part 1 (0:59:36)
Part 2 (0:58:52)
Part 3 (1:02:37)
Part 4 (1:02:37)